There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too. All the stories can’t be lies.

Sansa Stark Meme - 9/9 quotes

Sansa is becoming one of my favorite characters. I love seeing how much her character has matured.

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melecwi said: I love your new icon/avatar.. its super cute!

Thank you!!! :)

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sometimes i think i’m sassy and then i realize i’m just too sarcastic and borderline mean

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This is basically what it’s like to be an adult.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released seven years ago - July 21, 2007.

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Tonight’s Late Night will change your life, we swear.


Tonight’s Late Night will change your life, we swear.

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Share a coke with me! #shareacoke

Share a coke with me! #shareacoke

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Unpopular opinion:

I’m sick of hearing and seeing about Zach and Frankie’s bromance….

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Don’t - Ed Sheeran.

13,372 plays

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Apparently Nicole was the only one who took the veto/punishment to prevent Brittany from winning VETO, while Zack took a Germany trip and Caleb took 5K.

Cody & Derrick just said Nicole earned mad respect from them, Cody saying she’s the only one who came here to play Big Brother and that she’s not going up on Cody’s HOH.

I’m sure Derrick feels the same way. 

Really proud of her! 

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Babysitting a 1 year old who sleeps in till 9 and takes a nap 3 hours later means Michelle gets to sleep in till 9 and take a nap 3 hours later. :)



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